Thursday, December 30, 2010

Homey Cafe

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
Thank you for coming to Homey Cafe tea party.
As promised, there is a lot of dessert serve today.
So~let's party till 2011~~

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok~~is year end again.Time for annual review and new year planning.
2010 is like a dream come true year.It's not like dream come true of being rich 
but dream come true to leave the hell and go to heaven. haha..
For 2011..erm..hope to be a great year.
No Shopping???
No way...girl can't live without adding something new to their closet.
clothes, shoes, cosmetic, accessories....a lot more.
So make it this way..Less order to save money for my korea trip and new home renovation.
(Save money to shop more in Korea....XD)

My Korea trip is on the first 2 weeks of May.
Is a free and easy trip for two of us so we have to plan the trip by ourselves.
We never been to korea, don't understand the language, don't have any friends there..
we don't know what will happen then but surely we'll survive our trip with my planning. hehe.

More part of my life now. My next mission is to learn sewing.
Hope it turns out to be good.^^
Design for my new home sweet home. Still headache about the overall design.
ok..since today is still 2010, so i will leave the headache to next year...haha..
Thats all for the review and planning.

p.s. pls forgive me for my hand writing, i know it's a bit ugly.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

café under construction

Ta da~~This is my little café which is still under construction. 
Actually this is a rather home style cafe where
you can find all the traditional grandma style cooking here.

There will be a tea party on the opening day.
Homemade cake,cookies, bread...(yum yum) will be served on that day.
Feel  free to join me for the party.
When is the opening day??
haha~~soon ~~