Saturday, May 18, 2013

Clay experiment

I bought this plate mould some time ago. Today I'm going to test out which clay 
work best with this mould.
Clay used: Resin clay, Luna clay and Paper clay.

 For luna clay, it looks translucent after dry. Medium hard and form a nice plate shape.

 For resin clay, after the clay dried it feels like a plastic plate. Can be bended easily. It also form a nice shape.
 For paper clay, it dried hard. It feels like a porcelain plate. But have to try a few times to get a perfect plate shape.
Ooppss...never ever bend your paper clay plate. Handle with care. XD.

Experiment conclusion: If you want to make the effect of porcelain plate, paper clay is the best choice. Luna and resin clay will give the effect of plastic plate.