Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chocolate sour cream marble cake

Just to share with you a simple and delicious recipe of marble cake.

1 .butter 210g
2. sugar 270g (I reduced to 230g)
3. 4 eggs
4. vanilla extract 2tsp
5. light sour cream 175g
6. flour 350g
7. baking powder 1/6 tsp
8. baking powder 2 1/3 tsp
9. cocoa powder 2 1/2 tbs
10. Hot water 2 1/2 tbs

How to
As simple as 1,2,3...yup...just mix the ingredients one by one from 1 to 8. Simple right? Make sure that each ingredient is mixed well before adding the next ingredient. Divided the batter into 2 bowls. One will be the vanilla  flavour while another bowl will be mixed with cocoa mixture ( from combining 9 and 10).  Take 2 spoons and use them to dollop the chocolate and vanilla cake mixes into the bundt cake tin alternately. When all the mixture has been used up, tap the bottom on your work surface to ensure that there aren't any air bubbles. Take a chopstick and swirl it around the mixture in the tin a few times to create a marbled effect. 
Bake for 30 minutes  @ 180 C.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Married