Saturday, August 11, 2012

Suitcase makeover

I found this father's time suitcase at my grandma house. 
She was going to throw it away. Wait~~just give it to me... 
Of course I'm not going to carry this to the office, I guess nobody will.. 
but it is good for keeping your things and as a vintage decor. Love it..
First of all, remove all the inner liner of the suitcase.
Second, choose a nice fabric. 
Since I want it to be a vintage suitcase,
 I chose a floral printed fabric with a brownish shade.
Third, measure the suitcase, cut the fabric according to the size. 
Fourth, apply a thin layer of diluted white glue (mod podge is the better choice though) 
on the surface of the suitcase.
Fifth, spread the fabric over the suitcase surface, 
be patience as sometime it is not easy to get a neat makeover. 

Ta da~~~Love it love it love it....