Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hokkaido milk loaf

Recently, I came across this bread recipe using Tang zhong method.(water roux starter)
As per the recipe, this is the most reliable method to get a soft and fluffy bread . 
As a beginner of bread making, I'm  really attracted to the word "soft and fluffy". 
Must give it a try!

My milk loaf before bake.

It suppose to yield 2 milk  loafs but I don't have a proper bread
 loaf tin so I just squeezed in a cake loaf tin.. So as you can see it's a bit overcrowded. XD.

 Seriously, I was impressed by the result!!
Tang zhong method really guaranteed for a soft and fluffy bread which can last for at least 3 days.
For all beginners, please do try out this recipe and 
I'am sure you will get addicted to tang zhong method like I do.

Here's the recipe from Christine recipes
Happy trying~